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We believe in providing the full spectrum of services for our clients. Just having a book on a shelf does not necessarily mean your team can respond effectively to an emergency. We can provide internationally recognized training that will not only provide due diligence from a compliance perspective, but also build internal confidence and allow for greater peace of mind should an incident occur.


Business Continuity Planning

The purpose of business continuity planning is to ensure that your company has a plan that allows it to stay viable and operational even after an event has occurred. Steps that we take include:

  • Threat and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Business Impact Analysis
  • Continuity Strategies
  • Computer Recovery Plans
  • Team establishment
  • Incident Management Frameworks
  • Exercises and training
  • Maintenance and evaluation

Environmental Emergency Plan (E2)

This CEPA regulated plan is required when hazardous substances are stored on site.  Propane and condensate tanks must be covered by an E2 Plan.

Emergency Response Planning and Response

ERP preparation and development

  • Industry Based
    • Corporate, site specific, drilling and completions, and task specific ERPs
    • Mapping, public consultation, and hazard modelling. Environment Canada E2 Plans for regulated substances
    • Pipeline Integrity and Operations Programs and Manuals
  • Municipal/Regional
    • Municipal and regional planning
      • Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability Analysis
      • Municipal emergency plans
  • Client specific planning
    • Recreational facilities including community event planning
    • Aviation planning (Transport Canada compliance requirements)
  • We provide our clients with the peace of mind of having rapid 24/7 access to emergency response personnel to assist them in responding to their incidents and disasters. Over the years our team has assisted dozens of our client in industry, municipal and other types of incidents and disasters.

Knowledge and Information Repository

Information that is regularly updated and used in DataSafe's plans:

  • Oil and gas assets
  • First Responder contact directory
  • Government jurisdiction contact information
  • Support Services
  • Company and site specific information

OPERA – An industry solution

Online Preparation of Emergency Response Actions (OPERA)

Making hours of work possible in minutes, this web-based platform is used to store information and provide a means to manage reports and documents.  This system is available to all clients.

Pipeline Operation and Maintenance Plan

This document is a core component of the company's Pipeline Integrity Management Program.

Safety Management Services

Program development, implementation, and monitoring of your existing program. This includes the industry leading JobSight© Safety system which incorporates:

  • Incident reporting
  • Incident Investigation
  • Job Observations
  • Service hour tracking and leading indicator tracking
  • Action Item tracking
  • On-Site Supervision
  • Turnaround and shut down planning
  • SDS Binder Management
  • Safety training including H2S Alive*, Technical Rope Rescue*, First Aid*, and Confined Space Entry*. (may be through a contracted partner).


  • Mapping
  • GPS Survey and Residence Validation
  • Training and Testing
  • Professional Class Printing Facility


Our training component has taken a major overhaul recently. We are now able to provide training that encompasses all aspects of our other services. Whether we are talking about structured training program management from workshops, orientations, drills, functional, or full scale exercises or specific training such as ICS, we can take care of all of those needs and requirements.

  • Annual required industry training and exercises (orientations, tabletops, full-scale exercises, etc. We have delivered thousands of training sessions and exercises).
  • ICS 100, 200, 300, 400, and 402 (Certificates nationally recognized through ICS Canada)
  • ICS Train the Trainer 200, 300, 400.
  • Position Specific training (including Incident Commander, Safety Officer, Operations Section Chief, Planning Section Chief, Resource Unit Leader, Situation Unit Leader, Group/Division Supervisor, and others).
  • Incident Management Team Training.
  • Transport Canada required On-Scene Controller training.
  • HazMat Training (Operations, technician, and awareness level)
  • First Aid*, CPR*, H2S Alive*, Confined Space*.