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We are a safety management, emergency management, and business continuity consulting company. What does that mean? We help you understand and be well prepared before, during and after an incident happens!

While regulatory compliance is a key component of our client's goals, we prefer to believe that we can have our clients well prepared, well educated, and well trained to respond to any of the potential risks that come in an all-hazards environment.

Whether you are looking for a safety management program, an emergency response plan, or a business continuity plan, we are the industry leader in creating the documents themselves, but also in giving YOU control over what is in the programs as well as content (So long as it still meets regulatory requirements!)

Need assistance in training? We have the largest scope of training programs of anyone in the industry...PERIOD!
All ICS courses, position specific courses, and even instructor courses.

Need communications assistance, our partner has created the industry leading communication platform available today.

Need response support? Our team has 100's of years of combined response experience.

Our experience includes:

  • Oil and gas, manufacturing, and service industries
  • Non-profits
  • Non-government organizations
  • Government (municipal, provincial, territorial, state, and federal governments)
  • Aviation
  • Emergency services, and others.

These experiences allow us to bring unique experiences that your organization will benefit from.

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