Emergency Response Planning

The need for a functional and up-to-date ERP is a regulated requirement for oil and gas producers.

We specialize in the services and information necessary for compliant Emergency Response Planning.

Corporate ERP

The Corporate ERP is the master document in a set of manuals related to emergency response. It contains all relevant emergency response information for all company field locations.

DataSafe provides a “Condensed Master” for each Incident Commander to ensure your response capability in the period between notification and reaching the head office location.

Site Specific ERP

The first step when developing an ERP is to perform a risk assessment that will identify public and/or environmental sensitivities. For locations where there is an apparent risk, a Site Specific ERP is required. There are legislated requirements regarding the additional content of a Site Specific ERP.

Drilling, Completion, Workover

An ERP must be in place during these activities. The Corporate ERP, complimented by some additional detailed information is often adequate. If public or environmental risks are identified, a stand-alone Site Specific document could be required.

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